Thursday, 3 December 2015

Oral History planning and sound recording

On Wednesday 2nd December the Giddy group met for our last oral history training session before the first memory day. Rose Holmes recapped on the key oral history techniques:
Active Listening
Open Questioning
Guided Discussion

The pupils devised their questions, starting with a few introductory questions and leading towards some questions that  connect with some of our Giddy themes:

Beach and seafront
Music and dancing
Fashion and identity
Hobbies and pastimes
Love and Romance

The group were introduced to Paul Farrington who will be facilitating recording the oral histories during the planned memory days. Paul talked to the group about a previous oral history project 'Floating Memories' he had led. He played the group different recordings of oral histories using different recorders from iphones to more sophisticated recording equipment to compare different qualities. 

The group had a go at using the recording equipment while role-playing their questions, taking it in turns to take on the role of the older people.


  1. Interesting to see first hand the equipment we were going to use - testing them was fun.