Wednesday, 16 December 2015

App and Logo design

For this session while half the group were taking part in the memory day the rest of the group worked App designer Peter Pavement and designer Oli Pyle to come up with ideas for the Logo.

Peter went through the wireframes he has created for the app based on ideas given to him during his last session with the group. A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework for the App - the pupils contributed many useful ideas during the last session with Peter that he incorporated into the design.

This is what Oli said he did during the session:
  • I introduced myself and showed some of my work so they could get an idea of what I do.
  • I gave a quick intro to logo design and what makes a good logo
  • I then talked a bit more specifically about the creative brief for Giddy and tried to get the group thinking about concepts and ideas we could think about for the logo
  • We also asked them to think about fonts and colours to use using Google Fonts and Adobe Colour
  • They spent the rest of the session sketching some ideas out while we went round talking to each of them about their ideas.

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