Monday, 11 January 2016

Oral History editing

App designer Peter Pavement and I led the session together today to build on last week session.

They pupils continued to edit the interviews log time-codes as well as research images that connect to the different clips and begin to think about a possibly location that links to the story.

Meanwhile Peter worked with a pupil to create a google document that will log all the data that will be used in the app. What the pupils are beginning to learn is that the nitty gritty of organising and clearly linking all the material is a crucial part of the app design.

The pupils are recording and selecting/curating all the content for the app (through the interview recordings and image research) and must now start to log this material so it makes sense for the App design.

Key elements:

  • Name of interviewer
  • Photo of interviewee?
  • Biog of interviewee (if known)
  • Description of Clip: A best quote from the clip - to entice the user to listen.
  • Timecode
  • Image linked to clip.
  • Location

The material we have been researching and recording is all starting to link together and the best quotes from the clips are beginning to give a real sense of the range of stories emerging out of the process:

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